Digital Paid Advertising

Digital paid advertising refers to an online advertising payment model where you pay for your ads to appear on various digital channels.

Essentially you’re paying extra to search engines and sites to have your brand featured in strategic areas of the site so your target audience can see your offering in hopes of clicking to your site.

What's Included

Keyword Discovery and Selection

Ad Creative

Landing Page Optimization

Conversion Tracking

Competitive Research

Ad Submission

PPC Monitoring

PPC Cost Management

Campaign Improvement Modification

Consistent Reporting

Link approaches Digital Paid Advertising in three parts


Paid Advertising Strategy

We work with you to develop a strategy that fits your organization’s goals.


Ad Creation

We work hard to ensure the ads we create are unique, catchy, and sticky, with the consistent goal of conversions.


Testing and Modifications

To get the best results, continuous testing and refinement is critical to success. We A/B test the ads, we make sure the landing pages are optimized, and we continue to refine the ad creative to ensure best results.

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