Who are we?

Marketing Trendsetter

LINK Marketing Studio is a full service creative design and marketing studio focusing on connecting ideas with people through design, strategy and development. We are digital trailblazers, marketing trendsetters and social strategists creating better brand experiences and valuable user experience.


Developing a brand is building a relationship between you and your audience. It’s establishing a sense of belonging, building a community and developing a loyal fan base. We help brands create a connection and find that LINK.



Creativity is finding innovative solutions to your marketing questions and developing strategies using uncommon routes. Creativity is designing a website that puts your users first without sacrificing a sharp design. 



Client engagement is crucial to delivering quality service and maintaining comfort. We emphasize communication and an open door policy. Continuous process updates, from design to branding through implementation, keeps you in the loop for content approval and timing expectation.

Non-profit Organization?

While nonprofits have been using mail, phone and event marketing for decades, online marketing is still a relatively new nonprofit tool. And a constantly changing one too. There is now social media, content marketing, peer-to-peer fundraising, mobile apps, landing pages, data analytics, and more. We manage some of the best non-profits working nationally and globally to bring change. 

What we can do

Our Services

Web & Mobile Design

Custom website design and development specializing in the development of user-centered websites reflective of your branding. READ MORE

Content Strategy

Planning, development, and management of online and/or written content. Strategically positioning your content as a business asset. READ MORE

Non-profit Marketing

LINK enjoys working with organizations that have a positive influence on our society. READ MORE


Brand identity and strategy development accompanied with communication solutions and visual storytelling. READ MORE

Social Media Marketing

Develop social media strategy to improve your brand presence and gaining website traffic through social media outlets. READ MORE

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google changes its ranking algorithm regularly and we keep on top of what’s new so you don’t have to. READ MORE

Meet the Talents

Meet the Team

Ndaa Hassan

Founder & President
I build momentum and create communities thriving with conversations inspired by creativity, intuitive thoughts and innovative solutions.

Mouyyad Abdulhadi

Creative Director
I find connections between the unrelated. I tell stories through creativity. I build ideas.
Omar Abdalla

Omar Abdalla

Director Of Accounts
Business process design expert. International traveler. Life enthusiast.
Manal Abdulhadi

Manal Abdulhadi

Administrative Assistant

Aspires to connect with others and improve the human condition through exceptional writing, music, and coffee

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The Blog

Best Smartphone Video Recording Tips

Best Smartphone Video Recording Tips

With the ever-changing sphere of technology, more and more people are swapping out their classic camcorders with mobile phones to record videos. It completely makes sense as camcorders, tripods, and lenses are bulky, heavy, and just a plain hassle. The main question: Can our cellphones actually capture great quality, professional videos? The answer is yes, absolutely!…

From Attention to Action: How I Started Listening to Serial, A Marketer’s Approach

From Attention to Action: How I Started Listening to Serial, A Marketer’s Approach

As a marketer, I’m always fascinated about what makes someone commit to purchasing a product or using a service. My thoughts are not so much about the standard practice of analyzing the marketing funnel and taking a potential customer through the attention, interest, desire, and action phases of the purchase cycle even though the funnel…

Drive User Engagement, Acquisition, & Revenue

Drive User Engagement, Acquisition, & Revenue

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